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Skrill (Moneybookers) Digital Wallet Review

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Secure payments in an instant

Skrill Moneybookers
Moneybookers has been rebranded as Skrill and from here on in I will refer to them as that. If you don’t know what Skrill do they are a digital wallet (e-wallet) provider based in the UK who enable people to securely and safely send and receive payments online. All you need is an email address and a password to be able to transfer your funds instantly in to your online binary options account, top up your Skype account or make a purchase on over 100,000 sites including

They are one of the most trusted digital wallet providers with over 25 million customers world wide so they must be doing something right.

Instant transfers and free digital wallet

It is free to sign up and open your digital wallet where you can start sending and receiving money instantly. The payment system works in real-time meaning you won’t have to wait long before you see the money in your account and the same goes for any withdrawals. It is free to receive money from all over the world from over 190 countries in over 35 currencies, however Skrill do charge a 1% fee up to a maximum of 0.50 EUR when sending any money. Various other rates do apply per country and some withdrawal costs apply which depending on the method you have chosen will have various costs associated.

Keeping your money safe and secure

Skrill Digital Wallet

Skrill make sure that their payments system is one of the safest and most secure out there on the market. They know that being able to transfer and receive money securely is a high priority for its customers and have put the measures in place in order to tackle this. They are continually updating their payment systems to deal with any threats that might emerge as well as using the highest encryption standards to constantly provide you with a safe and secure experience. A few ways in which Skrill help to keep your transfers secure are:

  • Make sure that you login to your account via
  • They do not accept any cash deposits
  • Require full account verification before releasing any funds
  • If you reach certain limits they will ask for proof of address and a scan of your passport before you can transfer money which helps prevent money laundering.

Benefits and VIP customers

Skrill offer their most active customers who transfer over €2000 per month the chance to become a VIP. With this you will receive more benefits including:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • 100% guarantee for your online money
  • Free uploads and withdrawals
  • Loyalty club membership where you earn points on every transaction which allows you access to exclusive offers and promotions including cash

Not only do they offer this but they also offer a the award winning Skrill prepaid MasterCard. Where you can earn 30% cashback and discounts at some of the biggest brands. With this you get free top ups via bank transfer, no monthly or cancellation fees, no extra cost for using it abroad and its available in 4 different currencies including GBP, EUR, USD and PLN.

Customer Support

Customer support and services are key when it comes to dealing with money and any financial services. Skrill know this and provide their customers with support 24 hours a day 7 days a week in 12 languages including English, German, Spanish, Italian and French so they can help you no matter what country you are in. They offer a few different ways to get in touch including via phone, email, fax and snail mail so no matter your preference you should be able to talk to someone.


If you are looking for a secure way to deposit funds online into your binary options account then this could be one of the best alternatives out there. With the benefits and low cost fees they make it a secure and cost effective way to manage your funds in multiple online accounts easily without having to share your bank account details all over the internet.

If you have been reading this and think that it sounds too good to be true then why not head over to the Skrill website today and checkout for yourself more details about what they offer and why they are trusted worldwide.

Skrill (Moneybookers) Digital Wallet

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