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What Are Kiko Options?

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A simple kind of trading with no set expiry time

Kiko Options are the latest style of trading instrument you can use to trade on financial assets. We would say binary options betting is pretty simple but with Kiko Options you remove a single element, the expiry time and you have a more streamlined yet still thrilling and the potential for highly profitable returns.

So lets guide you through how they work and then look at some of the reasons why to choose them and the advantages over other types of trading.

Kiko Options explained

In it’s simplest form you predict whether the lower or upper point which is displayed at the time of trading for you chosen asset will hit first.

The trade continues until one of these barriers is reached. If it hits the barrier that you predicted it’s called a ‘Knock In’ and you get your returns stated. If you predict wrong it’s called a ‘Knock Out’ and you loose your money.

Like binary options and pair options you get to see what return you will end with if you are correct with your prediction and what you are set to loose if you get a Knock Out.

Here’s a step by step example of how they work:

  • Choose binaries and the asset you wish to trade in this case Google
  • Then select the Kiko option instead of the up/down
  • You are then presented with an option to choose the lower or upper boundary and your return will be shown. Here it’s 74%
  • Enter the amount you wish to bet
  • Displayed will be the high and low limits and how much you will get back based on your bet and the return value
  • In this example we bet $100 at 74% return to get $174 back which is 74% of our bet plus our initial $100 back
  • When you’re ready press the BUY button to start your trade
  • Wait for either limit to be hit and see if you win

What are the advantages of Kiko Options trading?

The major advantage of this type of trading is the fact that there is no expiry time for you to choose from. This means you don’t need to commit to a set time like you do in binary options or a set day, week or month time frame like in floating pair options.

You can get high payouts up to 80%, but on average expect around 70 – 75% if you get a Knock In. It’s one of the easiest ways to bet with controlled risk and no hidden costs as all values are stated before you press the Buy button.

What’s also great is the fact that you get a wide range of assets to bet on. From currency pairs like EUR/USD to stocks like Google and Apple, to indices like NASDAQ and FTSE and commodities like Gold and Oil. So no matter your interest and knowledge you can pick and choose the right binaries for you.

Where can I find Kiko Options?

Much like Pair Options betting, you’ll find this type of instrument at StockPair a leading CySec Eu Regulated broker in the industry that likes to push boundaries and offer something new to their traders online and on your mobile phone and tablet.

Unfortunately it looks like StockPair are the only broker at the moment to offer this type of financial instrument, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t head on over there and see what it’s all about.

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