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Getting Started With Binary Option Insights

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What are they and how can I start trading?

New to binary options trading? Want to find out what it’s all about? Then please keep on reading.

If you already know whats it’s all about, then feel free to browse our educational resources, insightful faqs and binary options broker reviews for more information on trading strategies and how to get ahead in your trading.

What are binary options?

First thing first; here is our definition of what a binary option is and what the term binary options trading actually means.

Binary options are a type of financial trading where, in it’s simplest form, you predict whether or not the value of an asset will be higher or lower than the starting price after an extended period of time. An asset can be a commodity (i.e gold, silver), index ( i.e. dow-jones, FTSE-100), stock (i.e. Apple Inc, Google Inc) or a currency pair (i.e. Eur/USD, USD/JPY). Unlike normal financial trading you don’t actually buy any physical stocks or shares, you are just predicting on the fluctuation in the individual assets on the financial markets. Simple hey?

Now that you know what is a binary option. Question is, are you a little more intrigued as to how you can make money from trading them online? We hope to be able to guide you through and give you the information you need to help you gain more experience and insights into the financial trading world.

Detailed resources, from how to’s, to trading strategies

No matter your interests or what you are trying to learn, access to our valuable and educational resources can no doubt help you gain the knowledge you need. When it comes to binary options we don’t scrimp on providing you with all you need to know to get started. Choose from a selection of ‘How to’s where you can find out how to open an binary options account, how to deposit funds, how to trade and many more. As well as binary options trading strategies, from basic to advanced, you can browse our articles when you need them as you gain experience and grow your trading confidence.

Here are some key resources to get you started:

Answers to all your FAQs

Questions will arise, whether you are a novice or advanced binary options trader, so we have put together a comprehensive list of all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about binary options and trading them. This is a good place to start if you need to find answers to your questions or queries and is a valuable source of information dedicated to you. We do try to cover all common questions in the area of binary options trading, but if we haven’t answered yours then get in touch and we will try and find the answer so we can post it on the site and help others who may come across the same thought.

Here are a sample of the insightful FAQs you can find on the site:

Getting to grips with the language

With most technical and financial subjects sometimes it can be difficult at first to figure out what people are talking about and it can all become very confusing quite quickly. To help you benefit we have put together detailed descriptions on over 30 of the most widely used terms in binary options trading as well as the financial markets.

Use our glossary of financial terms as a reference to refer back to when you come across a term you don’t know and in time you will know them like the back of your hand.

Know your assets, trade what you know

As we mentioned earlier in this article, assets are what you can trade on (i.e. decide if its price is going to go up or down) when purchasing your binary options. Assets refer to various commodities, stocks, indices and currency pairs that are available to trade currently on the financial markets. You do not physically purchase them you just predict on the fluctuations in their value over time.

If you work in a particular industry and know lots about it then it might be best to start off trading assets within this area as this can be an advantage. Once you are used to how it all works then you can focus on researching other areas of interest.

Find the right binary options broker for you

The first logical question is simply what is a binary options broker? And why do I need one? Well to answer the first question a broker allows you to easily and efficiently trade your binary options online. They offer a platform from which to trade and provide you with all the technical charts, graphs and tools you need to compare the status of the financial markets. As for the second question, you will need to use one if you wish to conveniently control your trades and make them profitable.

There are many brokers out there and doing the research to find the right one for you is worth the effort. Many binary options brokers offer different payouts, bonuses and range of tradable assets so be sure to check them before signing up. Remember though that you don’t have to stick to one broker if you find its not for you but might be advantageous to get to grips with one and learn the ins and outs using their demo accounts.

Here are our recommended brokers reviews to get you started on your research in to the world of trading binary options online:

To finish off we would like to mention that this site is meant as a guide for you to gain the knowledge you need and, hopefully, become a successful and profitable trader in the binary options world. Use it as an educational resource and reference to come back to when you find you need to know more and to further your trading knowledge. If you find that you have an questions then please do get in touch and we will try and answer them. Don’t forget to tell your friends about and good luck in your trading future.

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