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The Grandaddy of Binary Options keeps it real, with a trading platform built for purpose.

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Key Features

  • 15% Out of the money refund
  • Up to 71% Returns
  • More than 200 available markets
  • Mobile trading apps with 24/7 trading
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Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital

AnyOption Review & Trading Platform Overview

Although it’s hard to imagine how a website launched in 2008 could be called a grandfather of any kind, Any Option claims to be the one who started it all. They were, at the very least, one of the first to see all the opportunities available in the binary options market, with the team having years of experience in risk management and options trading. These guys are traders who built a binary options site and platform made to make financial trading easy, convenient and fast. As such you’ll find that the financial platform on AnyOption sticks to the more traditional (some could even say conservative) ways of financial trading, but the tools and features available are well above industry standards and unique to them.

Selling the bacon, not the sizzle

Instead of reeling you in with fancy bonuses and new exciting trades types (Range Options, Boundary options etc…),  Any Option sticks to what they do best and use their time and money to build tools and resources which help you make the most out of your trades.

There’s a reason why people like to stick to the classics – trade what you know and you’ll trade safely and successfully. The AnyOption trading system is simplicity itself with traders able to view up to 4 assets at a time, with only one click away from all the attached information about that asset and financial market news feed sitting nicely below the asset tabs. The AnyOption binary trading software is unique, giving them a clear advantage over most in the market and a host of free tools available. This broker is a safe financial bet for beginners and experienced traders alike.

One of the qualities that traders love about AnyOption is that they do everything by the book, being fully regulated in the EU gives your the reassurance that your deposits are safe and any complaints are dealt with quickly. They didn’t get to be at the top of their game by cutting corners or being flashy. They want to provide you with the safest environment for you to trade in and the best experience whilst you do.

Based In
Browser and Mobile
Mobile Specific Trading
US Traders
Account Currencies
English, French, Spanish
Full EU Licensing & Regulation

Financial Assets & Expiry Times

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: The AnyOption platform does not do 60 second binary option trades. There, we’ve said it. So if that’s your game, you should stop reading right now and head over to 24Option who do.

For those who like their trades varied and plentiful however, AnyOption provide a great all round service, with 97 assets to play with. And if you’re not of those who’ve fallen for the 60 second options fad, the amount of instruments and expiry times here are good, with a choice of 15 minutes to a couple of days for most financial trades, and includes weekends.

Option Types
OneTouch, Call/Put, Option+
Option Expiry Times
15min, 30min, 1hr, 24hr, weekly
Underlying Trade Assets
Stocks, Commodities, Currency Pairs, World Indices

Profit & Returns

Good news for beginners: The AnyOption binary options platform is fantastic, catering to the new and experienced trader alike. Why are we saying this in the ‘Profit & return’ section, when we usually talk about this in ‘Free tools’? Because the AnyOption trading system has one of the highest Out-Of-Money refunds on the net, giving traders 15% back for all assets. This means that when you are starting out, and more likely to lose a little along the way as you learn and practice, you get a higher amount back to help you stay on track. They know that a returning trader is a successful and happy one, so they take care of those starting out to keep you coming back.

However this means that the effective return on most financial trades are an average-low of 65-71%. This low figure is a direct consequence of the high refund percentage, so you have to decide what matters most to you. Don’t forget that AnyOption put a high premium on creating an environment that minimises the risk for financial traders and simplifies the process – if this is something you value, we highly recommend this binary broker.

In the Money Returns
65% - 71%
Out of the Money Returns
Up to 15%
Minimum Trade

Deposit & Withdrawal

Registering and depositing is a simple process, as with most online financial trading platforms. There are no fees or commissions from traders when they first deposit or purchase options and best of all, the minimum deposit is a nice average-low of 100 USD/EU. Here at Binary Option Insights we are firm believers in allowing traders to deposit and trade as much or as little as they want, and 100 USD/EU is a nice low benchmark to get anyone started and trying out a new trading platform.

You can only deposit in US dollars, Pound Sterling and Euros, but they have a vast variety of banking methods to ensure you have greater control over your money, from a variety of credit and debit cards, to wire transfer and trusted e-wallets, such as Skrill(Moneybookers).

Withdrawing is easy enough, and unlike some other traders in the market, there is no maximum limit on the amount you can withdraw. These are generally available via the same method you use to deposit, and if you only withdraw once a month, this transaction is free of charge. Any more than that and its 30$ per withdrawal, so bear this in mind whilst balancing your chequing account. You have three days to cancel any AnyOption withdrawal, by which point they will process the request and you will then get the money back within 5 working days.

Minimum Deposit
Max Trade
Deposit Methods
Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club International, Wire Transfer,Domestic Payments, Ukash, Skrill(MoneyBookers)
Withdrawal Time
3-5 business days, a few hours with Skrill (Moneybookers)
Documentation Needed for Withdrawal
Photo ID and utility bill

Customer Support

AnyOption trading site is available in no less than 14 different languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese and more. So it will come as no surprise that their customer service team is equally international, with local language teams and phone numbers available in the UK, USA, Argentina, Bahrain, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey.

They have Live Chat available for quick access and a great call back feature if you don’t have time to sit on the phone waiting for a customer service representative to pick up.

And whilst you might have to wait on weekends to get a response, during the week these guys provide 24 hour access to their support team from Monday at 06:00 through Friday at 22:00.

Live Chat, Phone, Email, Call Back
Live Chat
Support Email
Support Languages
14 including: English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese

Mobile Trading

AnyOption mobile trading is easy and intuitive to use. They provide their traders with a choice between an Android or iPhone version of their binary options trading platform. These can be downloaded straight from either the Google Play store or App Store.

Like many binary brokers their mobile app comes complete with all the features of its web counterpart. The ability to instantly trade, view charts, figures and asset prices along with many other features. If you are looking to trade on the go then this is an ideal app to download free when you aren't in front of your computer.

AnyOption Mobile Trading Site
AnyOption Mobile Trading Site
Open a Free Account with AnyOption »
Investors can lose all their capital

Free Financial Tools & Features

This section is where AnyOption really comes into its own. General learning materials are available upon registration, giving beginners all the information they need to get trading. But the real jewels in the crown are the financial trading tools they have developed uniquely for their platform. We’ve broken them down below to give you an idea of whats on offer:

Profit Line

Part of AnyOptions’ trading platform features an easy to use graph showing exactly how your trades are doing in real time. This helps you keep track of your open options from start to end. It also gives you the ability to purchase more options on the same asset for the same expiry time, if you so wish, making it quite a powerful financial trading tool. Unfortunately this is currently only available to options with an hourly expiry time.

Take Profit

This features gives you the ability to take a guaranteed profit if your option is currently in- the-money on certain options in exchange for a premium cost. This feature is available on options with longer expiries and is displayed on the trading page 15 minutes before the expiry time for 5 minutes.

The feature displays the amount you purchased the options for, the return you would get and the premium price fee, along with the asset name, option level and current level. This allows your greater flexibility on your financial wagering – you can either take the money now with a lower overall return (due to the premium cost) or wait for the option to expire and risk losing your bet.

Roll Forward

Almost in reverse of the Take Profit feature the Roll forward feature allows you to extend your option to the next nearest expiry time in exchange for a premium if your open options are currently set to expire out of the money. Just like the take profit feature this is only available on certain assets and the window for opportunity is the same with the choice being displayed 15 minutes prior to the existing options expiry time and for only 5 minutes.

A good way to still make a smaller profit from your initial investment if you truly think there’s a chance of your asset to be In-The-Money at a slightly later date. It's worth looking at the trend of the option and doing some quick research rather than simply losing out from an unlucky trading decision.

Free SMS service

If you purchase a binary option of 100+ USD/EUR/GBP, you can choose to opt-in to receive a free SMS message to your cell phone telling you the state of your asset either before or after the expiry time. Not a bad little tool to remind you about your bigger trades.

Show Off

Not so much a tool as an ego boost, you can publish your more successful trade on the ‘Show Off’ earnings’ wall and AnyOption’s and your own Facebook and Twitter page. Even if you’re not in the habit of advertising your financial bets, savvy trader might have a quick look at the wall and look for patterns of current successes and binary options signals.

Live quotes from Reuters and a great trading mobile app complete the package of free financial instruments AnyOption provides.

Demo Account
Platform Features
- Profit Line
- Take Profit
- Roll Forward
- Free SMS Service
- Show off your trades
Free Tools
- Free learning material
- Live data from Reuters


This no-download, instant binary options trading platform is one of a kind and a true pioneer in their field. It was created specifically to match the need of AnyOption creators and traders, and as such get the basic not just right, but perfect. Their lack of 60 second options trading is a shame, but they more than make up for it by a vast array of financial assets to choose from and some amazing financial tools and instuments to increase your trading chances. Equally, although returns are lower than average, this is only because they know that it’s just as important to win as it is to be fair when you lose, giving a 15% refund guarantee on all ‘Out-Of-The-Money’ financial bets.

Bonus hunters may have noticed that there is no AnyOption bonus or amazing introductory offer, because they know bonuses are usually loaded with requirements which most traders cannot meet. Possibly one of the fairest policies in the online trading market.

But then, that’s true of AnyOption generally. They want you to get the whole bacon and won’t try and entice you with shiny fads and offers. They are here to trade and help you increase your chance of making money in the most risk free environment possible. You could certainly do worse than allow the grandaddy of binary options trading look after you.

Start Trading with AnyOption »
Investors can lose all their capital
- High minimum trade
- Variety of trading tools
- Full EU Regulated broker
- Safe deposits and withdrawals
- Mobile trading app
- Live data from Reuters
Binary Option Insights | Rating 4

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